Ukrainian soldiers are mastering MILAN anti-tank guided missiles

Ukrainian soldiers are mastering MILAN anti-tank guided missiles

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In Ukraine, the Defense Forces are undergoing intensive training in mastering MILAN-2 anti-tank systems.

Militarnyi informs about this with reference to CNN.

To confront the occupying forces of Russia, Ukraine received light infantry anti-tank missiles from the European Union countries.

MILAN is a system with mass production as it is the main European short-range anti-tank weapon.

The MILAN system was designed with regard to the requirements of the German and French armed forces and considering the general requirements of NATO Command for such weapons.

Thus, the international association Euromissile has developed a system that, due to its high performance, has become the most widespread (after the TOW ATGM) of all anti-tank missiles used in different countries.

ПТРК MILAN-2 на озброєнні України. Квітень 2022. Кадр з відео CNN

The MILAN anti-tank system is used by the ground forces in 40 countries, including Germany, France, other NATO countries, and now Ukraine.

Back in 1974, the following basic requirements were set for the MILAN anti-tank system modernization program: increasing the effectiveness of the missile warhead; increasing the noise immunity of the guidance system; ensuring the compatibility of the advanced missile with the launcher and thermal imaging sight without modification; maintaining the former range.

As a result, the advanced missiles, designated MILAN-2, were created.


Serial production of these missiles began in 1984, and in 1985 their supply to the Armed Forces of Germany and France was launched.

The effectiveness of the warhead of the K-115 missile for MILAN-2 is significantly improved by increasing its diameter from 103 to 115 mm and increasing the distance of detonation of the warhead from the obstacle.

The practical application of MILAN-2 anti-tank systems has shown that they have an additional striking ability due to unburned propulsion engine fuel.

ATGM Military assistance Ukraine