Ukrainian Troops Evacuate Comrade Spotted by Drone Reconnaissance

Ukrainian Troops Evacuate Comrade Spotted by Drone Reconnaissance

Evacuation UAV Ukraine War with Russia

The soldiers of the 47th Mechanized Brigade showcased the process of evacuating their wounded comrade in a Bradley infantry fighting vehicle.

The press service of the brigade released the video.

It is reported that the soldier, whose name is Dmytro, was found in a forest during aerial reconnaissance.

The wounded soldier did not know whose drone was watching him, but he started signaling that he needed help anyway.

He pointed to the tourniquet and the clock, saying that time was running out, and then pulled out his military ID, proving that he was not an enemy.

After waiting for favorable conditions for evacuation, the medics of the 47th Brigade moved to evacuate the wounded soldier on a Bradley IFV.

“We thank the aerial reconnaissance men for their vigilance, the crew for their maneuverability, and the medics for saving lives,” the Brigade summarized.

Dmytro was ambushed while leaving his position. Engaged in a firefight with the enemy, he sustained five bullet wounds but managed to crawl to safety and administer medical assistance to himself.

The rescued soldier is currently in the hospital undergoing treatment.

Rescue drones

Militarnyi has repeatedly reported on the rescue of Ukrainian soldiers using drones.

On January 20, 2024, it was reported that drone operators of the Jaeger Brigade found and rescued a wounded Ukrainian soldier.

Initially, drone operators could not understand whether the soldier was Ukrainian or Russian and whether he was alive. However, the wounded soldier himself realized that Ukrainian drones were above him and left an inscription with his call sign and the number “300” (designation of the wounded – ed.).

The drone operators immediately flew back, prepared a bottle of hot tea, a lighter, and a flashlight.

The bottle had an inscription on it: “My friend, <…> raise your hand if you can crawl behind the drone.” The bottle was dropped from a drone right under the feet of a wounded Ukrainian soldier.

Then, despite the high risk in the dark, the soldier was taken out of his position and rescued.

Evacuation UAV Ukraine War with Russia