US orders HIMARS for around $900 million

US orders HIMARS for around $900 million

Artillery MLRS Procurement USA World

The United States Army ordered the production of High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems.

Militarnyi reported on this with reference to the US Department of Defense.

The contract for the release of an unnamed number of rocket systems and the provision of auxiliary services was received by Lockheed Martin Corporation on May 8.

The order costs $861 333 188. The estimated completion date is May 31, 2026.

As previously reported, on May 10, the United States State Department approved the urgent sale of three additional HIMARS systems to Ukraine.

Their estimated total cost is $30 million. The purchase will be funded by the German government within the framework of military assistance to Ukraine.

All three systems will enter the Armed Forces of Ukraine from the reserves of the American army.


M142 HIMARS (High Mobility Artillery Rocket System) is mounted on the chassis of the M1140 FMTV six-wheeled tactical truck.

The HIMARS launcher can be used as a multiple rocket launcher system with precision munitions of varying range. The system can also be used as an operational tactical missile system for launching a M57 ATACMS short-range ballistic missile at a distance of up to 300 km.

The system is designed to defeat areas of concentration of artillery systems, air and fire support, cargo transport, combat vehicles and armored personnel carriers, as well as to provide fire support.

Lockheed Martin is also upgrading an additional number of US Army’s M270. The cost of the relevant contract is $451 million.

Modernization will increase the number of launchers in the M270A2 variant.

Artillery MLRS Procurement USA World