Volunteers raised funds for 10,000 FPV drones

Volunteers raised funds for 10,000 FPV drones

UAV Volunteers War with Russia

The Come Back Alive Foundation, United24, and Monobank raised funds to purchase FPV drones as part of Operation Unity.

The press service of the Come Back Alive Foundation reported this on its social media pages.

In total, the volunteers raised UAH 235 million in three days. The funds will be used to buy 10,000 FPV drones.

Taras Chmut, Director of the Come Back Alive Foundation, shared some details of the order for the drones.

“The project is very fast – we expect to receive the drones in the coming weeks, and the combat elements for them in 3 to 5 weeks. We will not receive all ten thousand drones at once, they will be coming in batches. This is a quick delivery, and they will cover the needs here and now,” says Taras Chmut.

According to the Director of the Foundation, the drones will be produced by a foreign manufacturer specializing in this field. He assured that the products are of high quality and have a good price-to-performance ratio. The selected company is also able to close the order within a short time.

A Ukrainian manufacturer will produce explosive components for the drones. The Foundation analyzed the offers of several manufacturers and selected the best one.

“We received offers from a number of companies and chose the best one. The products will be codified and approved for use, with means of initiation, i.e. safe. They have already passed a certain level of testing in the military,” the Foundation’s Director shared.

In general, future drones will have two types of warheads, HEAT and HE-Frag, to destroy manpower and fortifications.

“It was important for us to not just buy a drone. Buying a carrier alone creates certain risks, because you would have a vehicle, but would still need a warhead. The risk is that you would start making this warhead yourself, and from time to time, it would suddenly explode or not work at the right time. And in this case, we will have a reliable ready product,” Taras Chmut emphasized.

The acquired drones will be officially handed over directly to the military through the Logistics Forces Command. It is expected that the drones will be transferred to the Special Operations Forces operators, military units within several operational and tactical groups, and previously formed companies of attack UAVs.

“We will cover the front line basically from the Kharkiv region to the Kherson region, and it will be quite large numbers,” the Director of the Come Back Alive Foundation noted.

UAV Volunteers War with Russia