War Thunder publisher buying ads in a «DPR» combatants video

War Thunder publisher buying ads in a «DPR» combatants video

mines Ukraine

War Thunder and Crossout popular video games publisher is buying ads integration in a video showing DPR combatants in the occupied territory of Donbas, reports Ukrainian Military Portal.

The games ads are integrated on YouTube channel “Крупнокалиберный Переполох” (Heavy-Caliber Turmoil).

The video blogger of “Крупнокалиберный Переполох” shoots videos with DPR combatants in the occupied area of Donetsk region.

The channel demonstrates videos of illegal tests of various weapons, Russia supplies to its occupation forces in the occupied territory of Ukraine.

Combatants provide the blogger with a wide range of weaponry, from small arms, mines, and rocket launchers to infantry fighting vehicles and lots of Russian supplied ammunition to promote this YouTube channel.
The footage is being produced at a small exercise range near occupied Donetsk.

Among the characteristic features of the range are: slag heap, white structure and damaged tank.

Facility coordinates: 47.9289343, 38.0001105,343

Comparison of the frame from “Крупнокалиберный Переполох” video to the satellite imagery of the area:

Розташування полігону окупаційних сил Росії в районі Донецька

The tank used to carry markings consisting of two white stripes, which were painted over with green paint for the YouTube video.

Порівняння кадрів

A damaged T-64A tank was placed at the range for combatants training.


The combatants are also providing anti-personnel and anti-tank mines: MON-50; MON-90; MON-100; OZM-72; TM-62.

The use of mines is demonstrated at the range in Donbas in a video titled: “Demolition of a vehicle by 7 different mines”.

Additionally, the combatants provided the blogger with PMN-2 mines banned by the Ottawa Treaty, which could enter the territory of Donbas from Russia only.

Заборонена міна ПМН-2

The Ottawa Treaty was never signed by Russia, which continues their active use, including in the territory of Ukraine in Donbas.

Чоловік підірвався на міні ПМН-2 та помер. Березень 2020 рік

For example, a Ukrainian citizen was killed by a PMN-2 mine in February 2020 in the vicinity of Pionerske village occupied by combatants.

War Thunder

Gaijin Entertainment, the publisher of War Thunder and Crossout games is buying ads integration from the blogger cooperating with the Russian occupation forces in Donbas and engaged in illegal activities.

The ads are integrated with video demonstrating DPR combatants in the territory of Ukraine.

For reference: Gaijin Entertainment is a Russian video game and associated technology developer.

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