Ukrainian smart helmet being integrated with two foreign armor types

Ukrainian smart helmet being integrated with two foreign armor types

Defense industry of Ukraine LimpidArmor Ukraine

Ukrainian digital startup LimpidArmor set an agreement with International Golden Group (United Arab Emirates) which is a supplier of defense systems for UAE government agencies during IDEX-2019.

LimpidArmor co-owner Mykhailo Grechukhin shared details of the agreement with the Ukrainian Military Portal:

The subject of the agreement is distribution of our products and joint development of two test samples of our system for two different types of materiel (unfortunately I can’t announce the types) for the customer we met during the exhibition. When we have first samples, we will mount them on the vehicles for trials to continue the discussion.

Besides the agreement with IGG the company is negotiating few other potential customers from Middle East and Africa and one European manufacturer:

In general the exhibition gave us understanding that our product makes some interest for customers in assembly and as components. For example some of the visitors showed interest in our stream object identification systems. Another company was interested in our ideas on UI-optimization of data in AR.

The company plans to build test samples adapted for certain vehicles in 2019 as well as small batches built in its laboratory. Government requirements for the field trials predict delivery of 3-5 samples. Head of the project told about the prospects of the production:

We plan to launch full-scale production of ordered samples next year. Today we are working with our partners to deliver system elements.

LimpidArmor has also developed its Land Platform Modernization Kit. This is an information system consisting of Microsoft HoloLens goggles (helmet integrated) and hull mounted cameras. The software provides the crew with a 360 degree real-time situational awareness. Besides the goggles provide the crew with information on vehicle systems’ condition, mission status, target designation, location of friendly and hostile units.

The system may be integrated with fire control system and collect data from UAVs. The system was tested in 2018 at Desna Army Training Center. Land Platform Modernization Kit was mounted on a T-64 tank.

LimpidArmor Inc. is a Ukrainian multinational technology startup with main office in Walllnut-Creek (California) and R&D located in Kyiv, Ukraine. The company is focused on virtual and augmented reality, robot technology, AI and data analysis. Founded by Ukrainian businessman and war veteran Mykhailo Grechukhin in January 2017. LimpidArmor Inc. Is a working group member at NATO STO technical committee on augmented reality systems standardization and is an official partner of Microsoft, Optix and Nvidia.

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