Belarus sent 20 BMP-2 to Russia

Belarus sent 20 BMP-2 to Russia

Armored vehicles Russia Russian Armed Forces the Republic of Belarus War with Russia

Belarus continues to transfer equipment to the Russian Federation. This time, 20 BMP-2 were transported to the territory of Russia, and then sent in the direction of Luhansk.

This was reported by the activists of the Community of Railway Workers of Belarus.

“On October 21, the seventh group of loaded platform wagons with de-conserved military equipment of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus in the amount of 10 units left from the Uryche station (Mohylliv branch of the Belarusian Railway) to the Volokonovka station (South-Eastern Russian Railway) and further in the direction of Luhansk,” the statement reads.

The consignment freight is 20 BMP-2 (two on each platform).

It was emphasized that the actual date of the freight arrival is October 24.

It is also noted that the 969th base of the reserve of armored vehicles is located in the village of Uryche.

According to the analysts of the Belaruski Gayun group, 65,089 tons of ammunition were exported by rail from Belarus to the Russian Federation from March to September 2022.

Ілюстрація від аналітиків "Беларускі Гаюн"

The monitoring group has also noted that, except of ammunition, Lukashenko’s regime also transfers to the Russian Federation tanks and other equipment.

Just in past few weeks, a minimum of 94 Т-72А tanks and 36-44 Urals trucks have been transferred to Russia from Belarus.

As previously reported, the day before the transfer, Lukashenko signed an order to establish joint military training centers with the Russian Federation.

This decision was made amidst the transfer of Russian troops from the Russian Federation to Belarus as part of the deployment of a joint grouping of troops.

Belarusian officials have announced that about 9,000 Russian servicemen will arrive in Belarus from the Russian Federation.

In addition, about 170 tanks, up to 200 armored combat vehicles, 100 guns and mortars with a caliber of more than 100 mm will be transferred to Russia along with personnel.

Armored vehicles Russia Russian Armed Forces the Republic of Belarus War with Russia