Come Back Alive Foundation raised more than UAH 7 billion to help the military

Come Back Alive Foundation raised more than UAH 7 billion to help the military

Come Back Alive CF Ukraine Volunteers War with Russia

Since the beginning of the Russian full-scale invasion on February 24, 2022, the Come Back Alive Foundation has raised more than UAH 7 billion.

This was reported on the Foundation’s social media pages.

This amount consists of over 2,220,000 donations to support the Defense Forces of Ukraine.

Both individual donors and concerned businesses transfer funds to the fund’s account.

“For more than a year since the start of the large-scale invasion, the funds of those who care have become equipment for the Ukrainian army that gives it the opportunity not only to effectively resist the prevailing enemy but also to return one’s own and bring our joint victory closer,” the Come Back Alive Foundation emphasized.

These more than UAH 7 billion allowed to purchase for the Defense Forces of Ukraine, in particular:

  • Bayraktar TB2 unmanned aerial vehicle system;
  • 1,460 7.62 mm machine guns;
  • 186 120mm mortars;
  • 11 PD-2 unmanned aerial vehicles;
  • 25 Leleka-100 systems with 50 UAVs;
  • 25 Shark unmanned systems within 75 UAVs and 25 mobile command posts;
  • over 800 new cars;
  • 11 armored vehicles;
  • 10 maintenance and repair stations for Western vehicles;
  • more than 31,000 radios;
  • 7,050 units of thermal imaging and night optics;
  • 6,725 drones.

The average donation is approximately UAH 3,000.

“The Foundation’s first billion to help the military was donated just 5 days after the full-scale invasion of Russia,” said Oleh Karpenko, Head Of Partnerships at the Come Back Alive Foundation.

He also emphasized that over 8 years before the Russian full-scale invasion, Ukrainians donated about UAH 281 million hryvnias to the Foundation.

“Daily donations from hundreds of thousands of concerned people and businesses, raging literally between a few hryvnias and millions, have already helped our country endure and will continue influencing the course of the war, bringing victory closer,” said Karpenko.

The Come Back Alive Foundation and the telecommunications company Kyivstar launched the “Let us live here” project. It aims to collect UAH 175 million to provide transport, equipment, and demining-needed property for 146 engineering and sapper groups that are part of the Support Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The Foundation also announced recruitment to the Sport Ambassadors program among veterans. This program will contribute to the rehabilitation and social integration of male and female veterans through sports.

Come Back Alive CF Ukraine Volunteers War with Russia