Illegal migrants from Belarus have been trying to get to Lithuania en masse for several days

Illegal migrants from Belarus have been trying to get to Lithuania en masse for several days

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Illegal migrants have been trying to cross the Lithuanian border from Belarus en masse since Saturday.

Delfi reported this referring to the State Border Guard Service of Lithuania.

On Saturday, Lithuanian border guards detained 125 migrants who tried to enter the country illegally from Belarus.

This number of detected Illegal migrants set a new record since the beginning of this year.

It should be emphasized that the last record of such a large number of migrants took place at the height of the migration crisis last year.

Since the beginning of this year, the maximum number of detected attempts was 109, recorded on July 29 and 30. But already on August 25, it was as high as 124. And on August 26, Lithuanian border guards detained 122 migrants.

“Neither on Saturday nor on Friday did Latvian border guards have to return illegal migrants to Belarus. This shows that the Belarusian services, which control the influx of migrants, have left the border and are now directing the main flow to Lithuania,” the country’s State Border Guard Service notes.

The border guards noted that the last time such a number of migrants was recorded fell on November 14 last year. On that day the border guards did not let 126 people in. On November 12, they prevented the illegal entry of 144 migrants from Belarus to Lithuania, and on November 9, the number rose up to 281.

Last year, additional military forces were deployed to protect the Lithuanian border with Belarus.

This was done in connection with the attempts of migrants to cross the state border of the Baltic country illegally.

As it was reported, at that time the migrants’ attempts to enter Lithuania illegally from the territory of neighboring Belarus were recorded on the border with Belarus.

Прикордонник Литви з дроном Китайської Республіки. Грудень 2021. Фото: Прикордонна служба Литви

In December last year, the border guards of Lithuania started to use aircrafts transferred by the Republic of China (Taiwan) on the border.

Baltic nations Border Europe Lithuania World