Italy hands over another military aid package to Ukraine

Italy hands over another military aid package to Ukraine

Italy Military assistance Ukraine

The Minister of Defense of Ukraine Oleksii Reznikov thanked his Italian counterpart Lorenzo Guerini for the new military aid package.

Oleksii Reznikov released the relevant statement on Twitter.

This regards to a new package of weapons for Ukraine.

The exact content of the new military aid package is yet to be announced.

At the same time, Italian media report that the package contains military vehicles, supplies, and equipment.

The specific list of units is classified.

In May, Italy handed over 155 mm FH70 towed howitzers to Ukraine.

FH70 is a towed howitzer developed by the United Kingdom and Germany in 1969. Later, Italy became a manufacturer too. The project was intended to replace the American M114 155-mm howitzer. In 1976, the howitzer was adopted into service.

The howitzer consists of several parts: the artillery part itself, a hydraulic recoil mechanism, and a shell charging mechanism.

FH70 weighs eight to nine tons and has a maximum range of 24-30 km depending on the type of artillery shells. Its crew consists of eight people.

This howitzer is in service with the military of Germany, Italy, Great Britain, Japan, Estonia, Norway, the Netherlands, and several other countries.

Previously, Poland prepared eight AHS Krab self-propelled howitzers to deliver it to Ukraine.

Poland also hosts another self-propelled howitzer training for Ukrainian soldiers.

It is emphasized that the AHS Krab howitzers are not a part of the Polish government aid to Ukraine. It is the implementation of the intergovernmental agreement that Poland and Ukraine made in Kyiv at the beginning of June.

Italy Military assistance Ukraine