Military shows RBS 70 air defense system in service with Armed Forces of Ukraine

Military shows RBS 70 air defense system in service with Armed Forces of Ukraine

Air Defense Ground forces MANPADS Radar Ukraine

The Ukrainian military showed the Swedish RBS 70 short-range portable anti-aircraft missile system, which protects the airspace in the Kyiv region.

The photo was published on social media by the press service of the Ukrainian Ground Forces.

According to reports, as early as January 2023, the military was trained on RBS 70 simulators. Swedish instructors were impressed by how quickly Ukrainian soldiers mastered this system.

According to the military, the system shown in the photo has already downed Russian cruise missiles and Iranian-made kamikaze drones.

A photo featuring a military officer inside a radar station was also published. This is probably the Giraffe 75 radar, whose appearance was noticed in service with the Ukrainian troops previously.

The Giraffe 75 radar complex is designed to operate as a single system with the RBS-70 and RBS-90 short-range anti-aircraft missile systems. They provide a range of detection of aerial targets at a distance of up to 75 km.

Robotsystem 70

The RBS 70 is a Swedish short-range portable anti-aircraft missile system manufactured by Saab Bofors Dynamics.

A laser system guides the missiles: its beam creates a corridor along which the missile flies.

The key advantage of the system is its ability to operate effectively in conditions of infrared or EW countermeasures.

The system is armed with several types of anti-aircraft missiles: Rb 70 Mk.1, Mk.2, and Bolide. In general, its characteristics allow hitting targets at distances up to 5000–8000 meters and at altitudes up to 3000–5000 meters.

The RBS 70 weighs 87 kilograms and is quite mobile. Conceptually, this system is located between portable anti-aircraft missile systems of the Igla or Stinger type and large anti-aircraft systems installed on vehicles.

The anti-aircraft system launcher consists of a tripod, a sighting device, and a transport and launch container (TLC) with an anti-aircraft missile. The crew consists of two people.

In the air monitoring mode, the system’s command launch unit (CLU) has an analog connector to connect the cable with a Giraffe 3D multi-mission radar or a similar system for detecting and tracking targets.

The radar allows it to operate in all weather conditions. When aiming at the target, the system automatically adjusts the accuracy of the guidance provided by the operator using sound signals.

Air Defense Ground forces MANPADS Radar Ukraine