Netherlands to Finance CV90 IFVs Purchase for Ukraine

Netherlands to Finance CV90 IFVs Purchase for Ukraine

Armor Europe Military assistance Netherlands Ukraine

The Netherlands joined the initiative of Denmark and Sweden to purchase CV90 infantry fighting vehicles for Ukraine.

NOS reported on this.

It is reported that the Dutch government has allocated about €400 million for the project.

A significant part of the vehicles, namely 180 out of 230 planned, will be built at Dutch production facilities.

“European production capacities should grow for Ukraine, but also for ourselves. Our armed forces have to be combat-ready, and there is a time pressure to do so,” said the Dutch Defense Minister.

In December 2023, Militarnyi reported on the decision of the governments of Denmark and Sweden to finance the purchase of CV90 infantry fighting vehicles to meet the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The CV90 (Swedish: Stridsfordon 90) infantry fighting vehicle was developed on the order of the Swedish ground forces by Hägglunds (now owned by BAE Systems) and Bofors.

Read more about CV90 IFV in Militarnyi’s article

Development began after the adoption by the Swedish Defense Department in 1977 of a resolution that opened the way for widespread mechanization of the army.

Intensive testing was conducted in 1988-1991. Mass production began in 1993. The first production vehicle rolled off the production line on November 1, 1993.

БМП CV90 21-ї окремої механізованої бригади. Лютий 2024. Україна. Кадр з відео «Армія TV»

Ukrainian crews respect the CV90 for its speed, reliability, armor strength, crew safety and comfort, and the accuracy and power of its gun.

This is a true “universal soldier,” capable of performing a wide range of tasks: from direct infantry support and battlefield evacuation of the wounded to serving as a self-propelled artillery system.

The armored vehicle is also praised for its safety in the event of a hit. However, due to the rather large 40×364-mm shells, the ammunition is limited to 232 shots, and the magazine size is 24. Consequently, the vehicle requires much more frequent maintenance in combat conditions.

Armor Europe Military assistance Netherlands Ukraine