New platforms for Brimstone missiles unveiled at DVD 2022 exhibition

New platforms for Brimstone missiles unveiled at DVD 2022 exhibition

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RBSL and MBDA integrated the Brimstone missile launcher into the Boxer APC platform.

The Boxer Overwatch vehicle that was presented at the DVD 2022 exhibition is capable of firing a salvo of eight Brimstone guided missiles.

The vehicle is designed to both support the forces on maneuver and advance and disrupt the enemy’s advance.

“Boxer Overwatch provides the ability to throw spot long distance strikes at armor targets,” the RBSL says.

The salvo launch allows the armored vehicle to achieve a coordinated effect on several targets with the ability to fire according to the fire-and-forget principle in any weather.

Brimstone missiles are versatile and designed for integration into ground vehicles, as well as helicopters, fixed-wing aircraft (including high-speed aircraft), sea platforms and drones.

At the DVD 2022 exhibition, the Malloy T650 unmanned aerial vehicle was presented as a platform for launching Brimstone missiles.

The T650 autonomous heavy cargo drone is able to carry a maximum payload of 300 kg, reach a maximum speed of 140 km/h and have a maximum range of 30 km.

“Malloy T650” з пусковою установкою ракет “Brimstone”. Вересень 2022. Фото: MBDA

At the same time, during the exhibition, Supacat and MBDA demonstrated the missile launcher on the HMT Overwatch vehicle.

The HMT (High Mobility Transport) platform from Supacat is designed for the modularity and integration of various military equipment.

“HMT Overwatch” з пусковою установкою ракет “Brimstone”. Вересень 2022. Фото: MBDA

The Brimstone missile itself was developed by the international MBDA consortium for the UK armed forces. It is equipped with an active radar homing head, which allows to hit moving targets with great accuracy.

Recall that in Ukraine, Brimstone missiles are launched from launchers that were integrated into light trucks.

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