North Korea supplies arms to Hamas terrorists

North Korea supplies arms to Hamas terrorists

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The South Korean Ministry of Defense may suspect that some of Hamas’s weapons used in the Israeli war may have come from North Korea.

This was reported by the Korea Times.

The Korea Times cited Bruce Bechtol Jr., a former officer of the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency (now a professor of political science at Angelo State University in Texas), who shared such information in his interview with the journalist of the Korea Times.

“It appears that at least some of the missiles and launchers used by Hamas were supplied by North Korea in 2014,” Bechtol Jr. said.

As previously reported, North Korea increased rail shipments of unknown cargo to the Russian Federation.

Bechtol Jr. was referring to the report in 2014 by British newspaper The Telegraph that revealed a secret arms deal between North Korea and Hamas.

This secret arms deal, worth several hundred thousand dollars, involved the sale of rockets and communications equipment.

The professor emphasized that the weapons used by Hamas against Israel were not sophisticated and consisted of unguided 107-mm and 122-mm rockets.

At the same time, it is believed that the bulk of the militants’ rocket artillery is still made inside the Gaza Strip.

In addition, Bechtol Jr. warned that Israel could face another challenge if Hamas launches its anti-tank system, which it reportedly purchased from North Korea.

“Troubling to me are the reports that North Korea has also sold ‘Bulsae’ anti-tank systems to Hamas, and that they have assisted Hamas with the tunnels they built under the border into Israel,” the professor said.

Hamas militants also use weapons made in Iran, Russia, Syria, and even Europe.

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Asia Israel Middle East North Korea (DPRK)