Remains of a Russian cruise missile in Kyiv were shown

Remains of a Russian cruise missile in Kyiv were shown

Kyiv Ukraine War with Russia

Remains of a Russian cruise missile in Kyiv were shown.

Militarnyi informs about it.

The State Emergency Service of Ukraine reported that today, March 15, in the Osokorky district of Kyiv, as a result of the shelling, ammunition hit a two-story private house and set it on fire.

“At 05:57 am the fire was localized on an area of 10 square meters, and at 06:40 am – eliminated. There are no victims and injured,” says in the statement.

According to the photos that it was not shelling using artillery systems or aerial bombs.

A cruise missile of the Russian army hit the territory of the private estate.

It is assumed that it was a Soviet/Russian subsonic air-launched cruise missile X-55/555.

Such cruise missiles are used by Russian supersonic strategic bombers Tu-160 and turboprop-powered strategic bombers Tu-95.

On March 13, such bombers struck the Yavoriv military training ground and the International Peacekeeping and Security Center in the Lviv region.

The attack was carried out from the Black and Azov Seas waters. The planes took off at Saratov airport.

The X-55 rocket flies at subsonic speeds with low altitudes using a terrain contour-matching guidance system. Modification of the X-555 is a modernization of the Soviet X-55.

It is designed to use against strategically important ground targets with pre-known coordinates. Range estimates vary from 2000-3500 kilometers (1200-2200 miles), depending on the modification.

Kyiv Ukraine War with Russia