RevengeFor.com – revenge is available to everyone with a donation to the Ukrainian army

RevengeFor.com – revenge is available to everyone with a donation to the Ukrainian army

Come Back Alive Militarnyi Military assistance

Ukrainians have established a service that offers to pay Russia back for all of its historical evil deeds and war crimes. At RevengeFor.com, you can order an inscription on a projectile, bomb, or rocket, which will target the Russian army. To do so, you need to make a donation to the “Come Back Alive” Charity Foundation that provides competent assistance to the Ukrainian Army. Each contributor will receive a photo confirming the inscription was made. Pictures of the actual revenge will be published on social media by Militarnyi, the most popular military media of Ukraine.

The idea of ​the project was born back in May, when one of the readers reached out to Militarnyi with a request for Ukrainian gunners to put an inscription “Revenge for MH17” on a projectile. The photo went viral and caused many reactions across multiple nations who lost citizens in the 2014 disaster. After all, despite the fact that 8 years have passed, the war criminals from Russia who shot down the plane are yet to be punished. Similarly powerful emotional reaction was caused by the “For Katyn!” inscription in Polish and an air missile saying “For the executed Prague Spring!”

“We realized that many citizens of the world have many reasons to take revenge on Russia. But only nowadays there is a force that can actually do this. That force is the Ukrainian Army. Therefore, we decided to establish a connection between those who seek to punish Russia and those who do this every day,” Olexander Argat, co-founder of Militarnyi, explained the idea of ​the project.

The order payments go straight to the Come Back Alive’s bank account. It is the largest foundation in Ukraine. For more than 8 years it has been effectively spending the donor funds on strengthening the combat capability of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The minimum sum that guarantees a “revenge” photo is $500. The upper threshold is not limited. There are certain rules that govern what can and can not be written. The Director of the Foundation Taras Chmut justified the high price of the inscription:

“This is not just the Ukrainian war. It is the war of the whole Free World against authoritarianism and colonialism, which is represented by today’s Russia. We want people in Europe and on the other side of the Atlantic to realize and feel it. The RevengeFor.com project gives everyone a sense of involvement in punishing Russia for the evil it has committed towards the world. The high price of “revenge” is an occasion to responsibly approach the order of the inscription and the opportunity to make a significant contribution to the war.”

The website was created by the Ukrainian Empat IT company as a volunteer project. Ukrainian developers joined in as a technology partner as soon as they heard the idea. The first version of the website has quite simple and understandable functionality. The user indicates his email, writes the desired inscription, and makes the donation. After that the order gets processed. When the Ukrainian military makes an inscription, they take a photo and it’s sent to the customer’s email. The photos might be published by Militarnyi, if the customer consents.

“We want to develop the project further. We expect that there will be a lot of orders, first of all, from citizens of Western countries. Therefore, we already have ideas for version 2.0. For example, we want to give a choice of a “revenge” carrier so that you can choose which ammunition will deliver messages to the Russian army, “ said Empat founder Nazar Gulik.

Most likely, the first customers will receive inscriptions on 152 and 155 mm artillery rounds, unguided missiles, and R-27 air-to-air missiles. The website will also have an opportunity for the Armed Forces of Ukraine units to join the project. Servicemen who want to support the donation process will be able to apply to deliver the orders.

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