Spetstechnoexport explained the situation around the An-178 contract for Peru

Spetstechnoexport explained the situation around the An-178 contract for Peru

An-148/158/178 Antonov Aviation Latin America Peru SE Spetstechnoexport Ukraine

The Ukrainian state-owned company Spetstechnoexport made an official statement regarding the delivery of the An-178 aircraft to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Peru, reports Militarnyi.

The state-owned company Spetstechnoexport has published on its website an official statement on the contract for the Ukrainian An-178 aircraft delivery to the National Police of Peru.

The company’s press service notes that since December 9 of this year, the Peruvian media has launched another information attack aimed at discrediting the contract.

“As of today, the contract is valid, but due to lack of funding from the customer – the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Peru – is being delayed. At the same time, the solution to the financing problem does not depend on the Ukrainian side. This problem is related to the non-acceptance of the bank guarantee by state and private banks in Peru, in particular the guarantees provided by the first-class European bank, which is included in the list of banks of the first category approved by the Central Reserve Bank of Peru, – stated in “Spetstechnoexport,” – This is a complicated circumstance that significantly changes the balance of the contractual obligations.”

Ан-178 100Р для МВС Перу. Фото з відкритих джерел

The company states that the Ukrainian side is making every effort to resolve this issue. Currently, Spetstechnoexport is continuing negotiations to resolve the aggravating circumstances that have arisen.

An-178 for Peru

Spetstechnoexport declares that it has not received a single payment from the customer and the Ukrainian side independently manufactures the aircraft at its own expense. Also, the company asks the media to carefully use unverified information, which can harm not only the performance of the contract, but also the image of Ukraine.

Earlier, the Peruvian media reported on possible penalties against Ukrainian enterprises in response to the disruption of Аn-178 delivery. The deadline for the aircraft delivery under the contract was October 23, 2021, and respectively the beginning of the penalties imposition – since October 24, 2021.

The press stated that on October 25, the Peruvian side informed the State Company “Spetstechnoexport” about these intentions by the letter.

On February 1, 2021, we reported that the State Enterprise Antonov has not yet received funds for the building of the Аn-178 aircraft for Peru.

Процес будівництва літака Ан-178 для поліції Перу

SE Antonov noted that such a delay in funds may affect the pace of the aircraft building, as the company needs funds to purchase foreign components for this aircraft. The representative of the enterprise said that the problem may lie in the procedural part, since the contract was signed not by Antonov, but by the special exporter – Spetstechnoexport.

According to the contract, the delivery period of the An-178 aircraft to the Peruvian police was 24 months after the signing date. The end date may be changed if an additional agreement is signed by the consent of the parties, but this has not been done.

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