The Netherlands provided €800 million military aid to Ukraine

The Netherlands provided €800 million military aid to Ukraine

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The Netherlands has already spent €800 million on military assistance for Ukraine.

This was stated by Minister of Defense Kajsa Ollongren during the discussion of the defense budget in the House of Representatives, NOS reports.

The minister refused to disclose the details of the spent funds for military-strategic reasons, but noted that the relevant information was presented to the deputies.

It is known that, among other things, the money was spent on self-propelled howitzers, anti-aircraft systems, ammunition, anti-tank weapons, and anti-aircraft missiles.

Міністр оборони Нідерландів у центрі підготовки українських військових. Фото: Міноборони Нідерландів

The head of the defense department of the Netherlands believes that the military support of Ukraine has an effect: it is winning a victory over the Russian army, as evidenced by the successful offensive in the Kherson region.

“It has an effect. We have to continue,” Ollongren said.

Just this month, the Dutch Ministry of Defense announced that it had provided more than €322 million material assistance. But this regards the balance sheet value of weapons.

The amount of €800 million is based on replacement cost, the amount that actually needs to be allocated for the purchase of new equipment.

The Dutch defense ministry is already supplying less from its own stockpiles, but now purchases weapons directly from industry, as said in its statement.

This amount also includes €100 million, which will be transferred to the new International Military Procurement Fund for Ukraine.

Together with the United States and the Czech Republic, the Netherlands will provide 90 modernised and overhauled Czech tanks. The first batch of tanks is expected to be delivered to Ukraine as early as December. The cost of this joint project is about $90 million.

The Netherlands is also handing over three field hospitals for the National Guard of Ukraine. Servicemen of Ukrainian Armed Forces will undergo rehabilitation in the Netherlands specialized institutions.

Europe Military assistance Netherlands Ukraine War with Russia World