The transfer of several M142 HIMARS launchers to Ukraine is just the beginning – Pentagon

The transfer of several M142 HIMARS launchers to Ukraine is just the beginning – Pentagon

Military assistance MLRS Ukraine USA War with Russia

Providing Ukraine with several units of the HIMARS missile systems in the latest tranche of defense assistance is only a starting point.

Colin Kahl, the United States Under Secretary of Defense for Policy shared this during his speech at the National Security Conference at the CNAS, Ukrinform reports.

In addition, the United States will continue providing everything necessary to resist Russian aggression.

“We have carried out the “initial” transfer of HIMARS systems, and while we are talking right now, Ukrainians are completing their training (on mastering these systems – ed.),” – said the Pentagon representative.

He noted that the U.S. Defense Department expects the systems received by the Armed Forces of Ukraine to be brought into operation soon.

Under Secretary also confirmed the commitment of the United States to continue the supply of these systems and ammunition to Ukraine.

Colin Kahl reiterated the words of the Head of the Pentagon Lloyd Austin that “the United States is ready to provide everything and help Ukraine succeed” in defending against Russian aggression.

Earlier, Austin assured that the United States and other countries will continue to make efforts and deliver as much support to Ukraine as possible and help the Armed Forces to succeed as soon as possible.

Previously it was reported that yet another meeting of the Contact Group on Defense of Ukraine representatives will be held today, June 15 in Brussels.

On June 1, the United States approved a new package of military assistance to Ukraine, which included HIMARS rocket artillery systems and ammunition for them. Ukraine will receive these weapons as part of the USD 700 million aid package.

M142 HIMARS (High Mobility Artillery Rocket System) uses a 6-wheel chassis of an M1140 FMTV tactical truck.

The system can be used as a rocket launcher with ammunition of different ranges, and as a tactical missile system.

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Military assistance MLRS Ukraine USA War with Russia