Ukrainian Army downed Russian Orlan-10 UAV

Ukrainian Army downed Russian Orlan-10 UAV

Russian aggression UAV

Ukrainian Army personnel downed a Russian Orlan-10 UAV in the JFO area, reports Militarnyi.

The enemy UAV crossing the demarcation line in the Joint Forces Operation area was downed by Ukrainian Army ECM assets on November 16th, reports JFO press-service. The downed craft was captured intact.

“Ukrainian Army personnel already identifies the captured drone which appeared to be a part of Orlan-10 reconnaissance and artillery spotting system”, – reports JFO press-service.

Елемент українського комплексу «Нота» компанії «Трител». Жовтень 2021. Фото: Генштаб ЗСУ

UAV communication channel was jammed by Ukrainian ECM assets resulting in the craft’s crash. Russian-made Orlan-10 UAVs are used over Donbas on a regular basis, time after time Ukrainian Army manages to destroy some of these.

Humanitarian Concerns raised by the Use of Armed Drones


Orlan-10 is a multirole unmanned aerial vehicle powered by an internal combustion engine. First flown in 2010.  Max. Take-off weight various from 14 to 18 kg according to different sources, including 5 kg payload. The UAV is launched from a mobile detachable launcher and is capable of transmitting video footage 120 km away.

Військові Росії з БПЛА "Орлан-10"

The UAV is a part of the multirole system, consisting of operators workstations, control and data transmission channels, maintenance and launch equipment , and power supply unit.

Orlan-10 is produced by Special Technological Center LLC in Saint Petersburg and is operated solely by Russian Armed Forces units.

The downed trophy of Ukrainian military personnel is another evidence and documented confirmation of Russian Army presence in the territory of Ukraine.

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Russian aggression UAV