Ukrainian military medics will undergo training in Bulgaria

Ukrainian military medics will undergo training in Bulgaria

Bulgaria Military assistance Neighbor nations Training Ukraine

The Bulgarian military will participate in training the Ukrainian forces under the EUMAM and will also train 60 military medics annually.

This is mentioned in the statement of the Ministry of Defense of Bulgaria following the visit of Minister Dimitar Stoyanov to Ukraine.

Since the beginning of the Russian aggression against Ukraine, Sofia has provided Kyiv with humanitarian assistance worth $243 million (448 million levs).

This includes 2,000 helmets, 2,000 bulletproof vests, 350 first-aid kits, 5,000 sets of winter uniforms, and 5,000 pairs of winter shoes.

Олексій Резніков та Дімітар Стоянов, Київ, 20 грудня 2022 Фото: Міноборони України

It is noted that Bulgaria would provide weapons and ammunition for free, as well as participate in the EUMAM Ukraine European Union training mission.

It is expected that approximately 50 Bulgarian servicemen will participate in exercises on the territory of the EU or in Bulgaria.

“Bulgaria resolutely supports the sovereignty, independence, and territorial integrity of Ukraine within its internationally recognized borders. Our country does not recognize the annexation of sovereign Ukrainian territories. We have excellent bilateral relations based on deep historical and cultural ties with the Ukrainian people,” Stoyanov said.

As previously reported, on December 16, Bulgaria ratified the agreement on the provision of military assistance to Ukraine. This regards the supply of weapons, equipment, and ammunition.

Міністр оборони Болгарії під час візиту в Київ 20 грудня 2022 Фото: Міноборони України

It is not specified what kind of weapons this includes, but previously, there was information that Bulgaria would transfer small arms and ammunition to Ukraine as part of defense assistance.

Vitaly Moskalenko, Ambassador of Ukraine to Bulgaria, mentioned that Ukraine has shared with Bulgaria a list of weapons that it would like to receive.

ЗРК С-300 Болгарії Фото: BTA

“From the very beginning, we have asked Bulgaria for various types of armaments. In a list submitted to the Ministry of Defense, we have identified over 30 items, including air defense means, which are most needed at the moment. As you know, due to the shellings and rocket and drone attacks, these weapons are extremely necessary. S-300, as well as anti-aircraft missile systems and installations. The issue of supplying 152 mm howitzers, self-propelled artillery installations, shells, mortars, etc., remains relevant,” he noted in an interview at the beginning of November.

The list might also include aviation equipment.

Bulgaria Military assistance Neighbor nations Training Ukraine