13 armored vehicles purchased for military medics

13 armored vehicles purchased for military medics

Armored vehicles Medicine Ukraine Vehicle Volunteers

13 armored vehicles have been purchased for Ukrainian military medics.

Medical Procurement of Ukraine state enterprise reported about this.

The purchase of this armored vehicle was made at the expense of funds raised through a United24 fundraising platform.

It is noted that Gurkha armored vehicles from the Canadian manufacturer Terradyne Armored Vehicles are designed for medical evacuation and have a high patency.

The total cost of these vehicles for military medics is 124 million UAH.

“These vehicles are very necessary for our defenders, men and women. They have a high passing capacity and are intended for evacuation from the front line to the nearest medical facility for the provision of medical care,” the state-owned enterprise said.

The Gurkha family of vehicles is designed for operation in military and police units. The vehicle is based on the Ford F-550 Super Duty chassis.

The Gurkha Mine Protected Vehicle (MPV) minimizes effects from a mine explosion under the bottom.

The front fenders and hood are attached to the chassis rather than directly to the hull, thereby reducing the shock wave energy transmitted to the crew seats in the case of an explosion.

The bottom of the machine is additionally protected by a plate that absorbs a significant fraction of the explosion energy. The plate has its own attachment system, covering the entire crew compartment.

Earlier, a Mi-2AM-1 helicopter was purchased by United24 for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Вертоліт Mи-2AM-1. 2019 рік. Казахстан. Фото: flagma.kz

This is a rescue helicopter for evacuating the seriously wounded from the battlefield. Its cost was 23.4 million hryvnias.

Armored vehicles Medicine Ukraine Vehicle Volunteers