Russia`s ruling Party wants to officially bring weapons to Donbass

Russia`s ruling Party wants to officially bring weapons to Donbass

Donbas Russia Russian aggression Ukraine War in Donbas World

Yedinaya Rossiya the ruling Party of Russia insists to begin supply military products to the occupied territories of Ukraine overtly.

Reported by Militarnyi with reference to the statement of representatives of the Party Yedinaya Rossiya.

The head of the faction in the State Duma, Vladimir Vasiliev, appealed to the leadership of Russia with a request to assist to the so-called DPR and LPR by way of supplying military products.

“We consulted whis the Council of Duma and the Party on this issue and came to the understanding that we cannot throw people to the arbitrariness of the “Kyiv regime.” In this regard, we appeal to the leadership of our country to provide assistance to the “Luhansk and Donetsk republics” in supplying the necessary for deterring “aggression” of military products,” – said the statement of the party Yedinaya Rossiya.

Earlier, with a similar proposal made the first Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council, Secretary of the General Council of the Yedinaya Rossiya Party Andrey Turchak.

According to representatives of the Yedinaya Rossiya Party, the actions of NATO countries in Ukraine cause them anxiety.

“At present we understand that today Ukraine pumped with missile systems, grenade launchers, and other ammunition. Moreover, there are instructors who teach the use of these systems. This is a great danger,” – said the representative of the Yedinaya Rossiya Party Vladimir Vasiliev.


Recall that Ukraine in the occupied territories since 2014 records the facts of the use of Russian weapons against Ukrainian forces.

Військовий України з трофейним російським кулеметом «Печенег». Фото з архіву редакції MIL.IN.UA

Also, facts of presence of Russian`s weapons in the Donbas has been repeatedly recorded by the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission in Ukraine.

For example, in November 2021, the OSCE published open access images from Donbas, which recorded the log jam of multiple rocket systems, including the “Grad-K” Russian modification MLRS.

Реактивні системи залпового вогню окупаційних сил Росії, включно з РСЗВ "Град-К" на Донбасі. 5 листопада 2021 рік. Фото: ОБСЄ

In September 2021, the OSCE drone spoted the Russian 51U6 “Kasta-2Е1” radar locator in Donetsk region.

Ukraine also resolves the issue of transferring evidence of the use of Russian weapons in the Donbas to international courts. Forbidden mines from Russia have already been involved in the case of violation of laws and customs of war.

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