The Ukrainian military received the SKY CTRL anti-drone system

The Ukrainian military received the SKY CTRL anti-drone system

Military assistance UAV Ukraine Volunteers War with Russia

The SKY CTRL anti-drone system is already working in one of the frontline directions. It is capable of detecting any objects within a 10 km radius, knocking off course and jamming enemy drones.

A fundraising campaign to purchase the system was announced by the IT community DOU and the Kolo charitable foundation in June 2022. The system was delivered to the military in late September.

During this time, negotiations, procurement, and certification of equipment were taking place.

“So far, this is the best system that I and the other units have seen and experienced. It can track all three classes of UAVs and land those that can be landed without an active hit. Its range corresponds to the specification and is even better than that, depending on the flight altitude of the UAV. It “sees” even battle geese, but does not land them,” shared the servicemen who received the system.

Військові отримали ситему SKY CTRL, вересень 2022 Фото: DUO

The company’s instructor worked with the military who will use the SKY CTRL system.

In addition, the manufacturer will provide an automatic turntable platform, which was introduced after the purchase. It can take 2 to 3 weeks to supply it.

SKY CTRL system is a Polish UAV anti-drone system from the Advanced Protection Systems.

The system contains a modular and configurable radar sensor and a 3D MIMO radar technology that improves performance. The tracking is based on the MHT (multi-hypothesis tracking) algorithm.

SKY CTRL system also includes an acoustic sensor with the possibility of direction finding and a radio frequency sensor with the possibility of a “white list” mode.

The system uses an integrated and automated interference system for neutralizing drones, and special software for monitoring, setting, and control.

The developers emphasize that there are stationary, portable, and mobile modifications of SKY CTRL.


  • Instrumented range 7 – 50 km
  • Minimum detection range 1 m
  • Maximum detection range 2 – 10 km
  • Range accuracy 10 – 1 m
  • Range resolution 6 – 3 m
  • Minimum target altitude 1 m
  • Maximum target altitude 7 – 50 km
  • Azimuth/elevation 90°-20°/60°-10°
  • Frequency X-Band
  • Technologies AESA/MIMO
  • Tx output power (peak) 8W – 24 W
  • WiFi detection 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz

It was previously reported that the United States would be transferring the modern Titan anti-drone systems to the Armed Forces as part of the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative.

Military assistance UAV Ukraine Volunteers War with Russia